$497.00 USD

PEB RGT June 6 - 7, 2024

RGT is an in-person training event where PEB coaches and pest professionals focus on PEB’s proven systems and models for services, operations, and growth. This event is suitable for Pest companies at all levels looking to reignite their motivation and improve their businesses through revolutionary business training.

  • Offers revolutionary business training for Pest Companies 
  • Focuses on structuring Pest Companies for faster growth in a rapidly changing industry 
  • Helps business owners implement visions for their companies for effective execution 
  • Teaches cost-effective marketing strategies for better results and higher retention rates 
  • Aims to build companies that can operate without the owner's constant involvement 
  • Drives profit margins higher and breaks revenue ceilings for sustained growth 
  • Provides insights on hiring talented individuals without top-dollar investments. 
  • RGT is the 2 day deep dive training where our coaches deliver PEB’s core business system as they dive into business clarity and each division of a pest company